Monday, June 4, 2007

Trying out the grooming room

I received my new dryer yesterday. I have been waiting to groom poor Kaylee until it arrived. We got started early this morning with a bath and blow dry. You can see that Kaylee looks a little sad about it all.

For all that she doesn't look too happy, she stood like a champion without really moving at all. We did take a break halfway through which is something I will never do again. In 2 minutes she managed to get her feet soaked and muddy halfway up her anklets. Sigh. I should have re bathed her but decided to just dry and brush it out. I must say that next time I will just bite the bullet and wash and dry her feet over again.

She was thrilled with her new cut as you can see from this picture. She ran out and jumped for joy! And the other dogs were properly impressed by her new 'Do'.

I got a little experimental on this groom as I will probably end up trimming her up again in a week or so. This is a very modified continental clip. Instead of balls on her hips, I put hearts. Maybe I will get brave and color them pink. What do you think?


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