Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Is Why We Have Dogs In Shelters!

With all of the negative publicity about dog breeders and legislation to regulate, control and end dog breeding, it really ticks me off when I see something like this. As a breeder, I take great care in placing my puppies into homes where they will hopefully live forever. I have a written contract which states that if the owner can't keep the puppy, it will be returned to me. My puppies go to their new homes with health check ups from the vet and the owners go home with the assurance that I have done everything that I can do to make sure their puppy will live a long and healthy life.

Then I get the following ad from my local freecycle.

"Free Puppies

chocolate lab and black and tan mixed
8 are ready for homes now
6 will be ready next week
and 5 will be ready the week after

some of the chocolate colored pups have blue eyes, all are real cute
need to find homes quickly or they will end up at the pound and no body
wants that."
This person is not a breeder, they just don't care. My bet would be that these pups have not seen a vet, a vaccination or even a worming. They have probably not been raised in clean, sanitary environment and they are the most likely candidates for Parvo which has been rampant in the area this spring.

The laws and regulations won't touch them because "they aren't making money" or "breeding for profit". Do you want to make a bet on how many of these puppies end up in shelters either now or in the future? Yup, it ticks me right off!

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Eric S. said...

That is very aggravating. Those of us trying to do things correctly and responsibly end up getting the blame. Excellent post, thank you