Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Dog Blog Carnival Edition #2

Camry courtesy of laruth

Welcome to the February 17, 2008 edition of the dog blog carnival.

In honor of the Westminister winner "Uno" I have highlighted the posts that are beagle related. If you are considering purchasing a beagle, please read

Laura presents 8 Things to Know Before You Buy A Beagle posted at BeutlerBlogger.

If you are considering hiring a Beagle then this video is a must see.

John Phillips presents The AEPA must be changed. posted at The Word On Employment Law, saying, "A cause worth joining"

Again, if you are considering buying a beagle, please LISTEN to this video. This is Beagles doing what they were born to do.

Dog Care

Kathleen Marrero presents Healthy Food For your Pet posted at Healthy Dogs.

Matt M presents Why Dogs Burrow posted at The Pet Haven.

Spencer Jones presents Pets and Colloidal Silver posted at Colloidal Silver Secrets, saying, "Dogs and cats alike love colloidal silver. They seem to have an innate sense that it is good for them. If you have a sick pet, and you place a bowl containing some colloidal silver next to their water bowl, your pet will inevitably choose to drink from the bowl containing the colloidal silver every time. Here's why..."

Dog Stories

Daniel Lafleche presents Sell Sheet Sampler: Charming clip from TV series 'Animal Crackers' posted at The IPEX Blog, saying, "This is a really cute clip about an extreme sports enthusiast and his Jack Russell terrier who surf, kayak, cliff jump, and mountain climb together."

TherapyDoc presents The Heart Has Its Reasons posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, "You know that dogs are good for prisoners. But have you heard THIS story? Front page, Wall Street Journal. The victims are the canines."

Dog Tips

Teri Salvador presents Parsley Water Builds Your Dog?s Immune System posted at

Sagar Satapathy presents How to: Travel with Pets - the Ultimate Guide posted at Travelhacker.

Dog Training

Kathleen Marrero presents Training your Pet posted at Training your pet.

Lexi Sundell presents Regulating Puppy Energy Fields posted at Energies of Creation, saying, "Here is an unusual way to integrate a rambunctious puppy into an artist studio/gallery so everyone is happy!"

General Dog Stuff

Marilyn Terrell presents Pop Omnivore: Every Dog Doesn't Have Its DNA Day: National Geographic Magazine posted at Pop Omnivore, saying, "If you have a mutt and want to figure out which breeds he came from, you can get his DNA tested."


Amber presents An Open Letter to Britney Spears posted at Rubinman, saying, "A bichon frise offers advice to Britney..."

Rebecca Camarena presents Puppy Love! « Dogs Rule and Cats Drool posted at Dogs Rule and Cats Drool, saying, "Spencer's love for Amber, a yellow Labrador Retriever can only exist in cyberspace."

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This post was also submitted although it has nothing to do with dogs, I decided to go ahead and include it here.

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others posted at Rob Schaumer, saying, "This is not necessarily a fitting post for your carnival. Once the project starts, each day I will recognize a fellow blogger that "Helped""
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