Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15 Minute Blizzard

Did anyone else notice the 15 minute blizzard we had yesterday morning? I looked out the window about 11:30 and the snow was not only coming down, it was so heavy and blowing that I couldn't see the house across the street. It didn't last but about 15 minutes and the snow on the ground was gone in less time.

I think it was Mother Nature's warning signal. The forecast now is calling for a wintery mix on Thursday and it sure seems like it is cold enough for that to not only happen but be significant enough to cause problems. It is making me think about weather changes for the shop and I suppose it's time to start bringing home the week's appointments so I can call and make adjustments due to weather.

Don't forget to make special arrangements for your pets in the storm. The salt that you put on steps and sidewalks can be poisionous to dogs. Make sure to wipe their feet so they don't lick it off or use a pet safe variety.

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