Friday, January 25, 2008

Tales of Picture Day at Happy Tails

Picture day was a blast! It was a long day but what fun!! They got some really good pictures of all the dogs and some great ones of some of them.

The photographers got there about 11 o'clock to set up. Julia graciously offered her dining room for them to use and they took about 45 minutes getting set up and ready. Then the fun began. I don't know if any of you have met Julia's little white dog. She came from Southside SPCA and is older and very cranky. She doesn't like strangers. Well, let me rephrase that... she doesn't like anyone but Julia and she attacks like she was a policedog on duty.

To give us credit, we warned the photograhers. We did. We told them that she would bite. Julia held her in the first couple picture and she did fine. Then Mark wanted to try a few of her by herself. They put a big bean bag down and Julia made her comfortable. They snapped a few and decided to do some valentines shots.

They went well too until the Mark went to move the roses and Dixie very politely reached over and bit at his hand. He laughed it off and said that if she had really wanted to bite him, she would have. Uh huh... those of us who know Dixie well, won't go in the house unless Julia is holding her. Believe me, she wanted to bite him, she is just getting a bit older and slower.

They took a few more shots with Mark keeping his hands well away from her. Then Dixie decided she was bored with the whole affair. She jumped off the beanbag and went right after Marks ankle with Julia was trying to grab her. Mark was very brave and Dixie didn't even rip his pants leg off although it sounded a lot like she was. What a way to start the day!

We promised them that the rest would be easier. Then it was my turn. You would think that sweet loving Cavaliers would be a joy to photograph. Not! With four of them, it was almost impossible to get all of them still at once unless they were all licking my face. We would get 3 looking perfectly angelic and the 4th would be jumping down. They perservered and I think they got some great shots but they had to work for them.

After Julia and I had them all broken in, the rest of the day was easy. The dogs were well behaved and they even got some shots of a couple of the dogs with a leather jacket on. Look out James Dean!

We get to see the pictures on February 1st. I can't wait! I am as excited to see everyone else's as I am to see my own. I think we will do this again in the fall for Christmas pictures.

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