Friday, January 11, 2008

Ask The Groomer

A reader asks:

Got a pet question for you- Mom (in law) and I were chatting yesterday about her little 13# long hair Daschund, Bitsy. (I call her The Princess Puppy, because she IS one... we all absolutely adore her!) Bitsy lives up to her name- and she is tiny. Mom is worried about her jumping down off the bed (and the couch) and she is looking at pet stairs to help her get up and down from places. The only problem she has found so far with the ones in the stores here are they are too short to reach her bed right. (For some reason, short little Mom has this TALL damn bed! Of course, even something that is only 12" tall is high for Bitsy....) Do you have something that we could get for Bitsy to help her out? I worry about her too- Mom already lost another small dog to a bad step coming out of the camper a few years back, and now Spanky... Heaven forbid something happen to the Princess Puppy there.... It would devistate us all- even Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog loves her.
You might get your Mom in law to check out Discount Ramps They have a variety of ramps that telescope and lock under the matress. She should be able to find one the right height. Be careful though to make sure that it's always there. Sometimes in their excitement, dogs don't always look before they leap.

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