Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is Self Service Grooming

Self Service Dog Grooming salons and Dog Washes are popping up all over the country. So what's it all about? A Self Service Dog Wash is just that. Think of it as a Car Wash for your pet. It's a place where you can take your dog and bathe it in a professional tub with professional dog dryers. This keeps the hair out of your drain and off your walls.

What can you expect if you use a Self Service Dog Wash? At Happy Tails, if you come in for Self Service, you can choose from several options. You can pay the minimum charge, provide your own shampoo and conditioner and have the use of the tub and dryers. For a bit more, you can use our professional shampoo and conditioner. We might differ a bit from some Self Service dog washes as there is always a professional groomer available to answer your questions or give you a hand.

Most of the Self Service Dog Washes are not staffed by groomers but by franchise owners and their employees. While these may be very knowledgeable, they also may not be. If you are asking advice or help, it pays to ask a little about their experience and training.

If you are taking your pet to give it a bath, there are a few things you can do in advance to make your job a little easier and give your pet a more pleasant bath experience.

Be sure to brush your pet out completely before bathing. Tangles in the coat tend to tighten up into mats when they get wet and then dried. This may make it impossible to brush them out after their bath. It is always best to be sure that your pet is tangle free before his bath. You can do this at home to save time.

Put Cotton Balls in their ears. Getting water in a dog's ears is uncomfortable and will cause them to shake repeatedly. Your dog will be more comfortable and you will stay dryer if you put a cotton ball in each ear. Make sure that you do not put it too far in, you will want to retrieve it after the bath.

If you have ear cleaner to clean or flush their ears, be sure to do it prior to their bath. They will shake their heads and the wax, oil and dirt will come out onto their coats. You will want to wash this away during their bath.

Trim nails before bathing. Long toenails have a way of getting caught in the grates. Trimming them prior to bathing will keep you from having to try to disengage a toenail while your wet and paniced dog is struggling against you. This can cause injury to your pet.

Bring Your Own Shampoo. If you use a special shampoo or conditioner, bring it with you. While the Self Service shop may supply shampoo and conditioner, dont depend on them to have the same kind that you have been using.

Ask how to use equipment before your dog is in the tub. The time to ask questions is before you get your dog in the tub. You will also want to ask about the proper way to use the high velocity dryers as these can actually harm your dog if used incorrectly.

The Self Service shop should offer the essentials such as towels, basic shampoo and conditioner, a high velocity dryer, toe nail trimmers and a table to use to dry and brush. Expect to bring your own combs, brushes and any special sprays or conditioners you might use.


Anonymous said...

And if you are looking for a self service option available outside with high-quality shampoos that operates just like a car wash, believe it or not they exist. Check out Efficient, affordable and convenient self serve dog washing outdoors on YOUR time. Plus, you don't have to worry about other dogs barking in your ear - or your pooch being too concerned about the other dogs in the immediate area. I am seeing groomers, car washes, apartments, etc. starting to offer this option. I use it all the time in Florida for my 100 lbs. lab and 25 lbs. beagle.

CindyS said...

Thanks for your comment. They would have more weight if you would leave your name and url. Just click on Nickname below and you can add both.

The coin operated dog wash is interesting but would only work here for a few months a year. Too cold most of the time.