Monday, January 21, 2008

The Other Side of the Mandatory Spay/Neuter Debate

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I heard from a reader this morning who wrote in support of the pending legislation. She didn't know how to leave a comment but wanted to express her opinion. I am posting it here today because it is one that is shared by many. I will also post my response as well.

My general idea...I volunteered for rescue for 3 years. We had to pass the pups on spayed or neutered, or if puppies, with contracts that they will be. Why? Most of the dogs we brought in were puppy mill dogs. These dogs were horribly abused - left in cages in their own feces, the only human touch they had was during breeding or feeding. They had rotten teeth. Scared to death of humans. These breeders in some instances, instead of turning the dogs over to rescue when they dont suit their fancy, will kill them. Unmercifully. so in a way, I commend the legislation to put a stop to all the breeding that is going on...dogs that are unwanted, or that sit in shelters for many years. Dogs in puppy mills. Dogs that are dumped at the side of the road because the mom got pregnant by the neighbor dog, all because nobody took the time to get her spayed.
On the other hand....I believe that folks that want to show their dogs, or are on a very small scale breeding facility...that can be licensed or prove that their dogs are well cared for....thats a different story. Unfortunately, its the bad guys that make life miserable for those who are well meaning individuals. It goes that way for everything in the world today. Folks ruin something good for those who wont abuse it.
I know there are many well meaning breeders in the world. And I also know there are thousands of unwanted dogs sitting in shelters who will never have the love of a real home...they will be there till they die.
Somehow....we have to do something to end all that.
Just my 2 cents.


CindyS said...


First let me state that I am not against spaying and neutering pets. I recommend it to my clients quite frequently.

Mandatory Spaying and Neutering of dogs has been legislated in several states over the years. It has never once worked. It has NOT lead to a reduction of dogs in shelters or in the number of dogs euthanized. What it does do is reduce the number of people who license their dogs.

Here are some links that discuss the results of this type of legislation:

We already have great laws that protect animals, hence, we got a conviction in the Michael Vick case and we got a conviction in the Puppy Mill case. Unfortunately, we do not have people to enforce them.

This bill will hurt small breeders who care about their dogs and don't mass produce them. It will NOT hurt large commercial puppy mills who can afford to pay the fees because they mass produce puppies. It's just another business expense for them.

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